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Fifty Shades of Yuck!!! (Read 268 times)
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Fifty Shades of Yuck!!!
Jul 17th, 2012, 6:02pm
Perhaps it is inappropriate to discuss this book on a science fiction website but I thought it was okay after I found out that 50 shades of Purple actually is fanfiction inspired by Twilight.
I have not read this book, I am responding to a review I heard on NPR. I do not plan to read this book because I heard the writing was really crappy.
This book is the perfect example of my theory that ,if you package a subject correctly, this society will accept darn near anything.
I have not heard one woman condemn this book. Yet, what is it about? It is about S & M and it is also poorly written. In the book, the hero beats the heroine. He beats her and the author is okay with that. In my mind, that alone makes it not worth reading.
I have often suspected that, given the proper packaging, slavery would be an acceptable lifestyle. I think this book proves this.
We should learn to think for ourselves and not accept the premise that if everybody jumped off the bridge, not only would we jump off too but we would fight for the right to jump off if anyone tried to stop us.
Girls, stand up for yourselves. Don't giggle and claim you secretly fantisize about a man punching your lights out. I don't believe any woman fantisizes about that. I think we just don't have the nerve to stand up against what 'everybody else is doing'.
The next day after NPR gave this rag rave reviews, they did an article about what could we do about violence against women. Here's one thing we can do: don't tell men we fantisize about getting beat up.
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