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Skating in Prague - by Emily Cataneo (Read 379 times)
John Gilbert
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Skating in Prague - by Emily Cataneo
Feb 01st, 2011, 5:11am
This one is on the edge of being a much bigger story - it has all the mainstream elements that can land a story into a yearly anthology - a catchy title, a classic storyline with the tortured artist following his muse, etc.  But I didn't really get the resolution of the story - why the artist gave an interview now and not before, it would make more sense if it WAS a deathbed interview, or if it came right after the skating in Prague.  I guess I don't see the conflict building and then resolving - it comes out just a bit too monotone or flat somehow.

Of course, I never like not getting the full story - i.e. where (from the future?) did the muse come from, etc.  But it is very fashionable to have unexplained details like that - so that is not a bad thing at all.
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