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Author of "Salvation" says hello! (Read 270 times)
Toney B
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Author of "Salvation" says hello!
Aug 01st, 2019, 11:50pm
Errr, hello! First, I'd like to thank Mr. Markette for giving my protagonist Liran an audience. Second, I'll give Ekpeki Chovwe Donald a tip of the hat. I enjoyed reading about witchcraft from a non-western perspective.

What first inspired me to write about a feminine demon was a sticker I saw on the bumper of a pickup truck - a seductive, red succubus. The writing quickly grew into an exploration of morality and theology.

You can visit my Deviant Art home page to read "Sacrifices," the first part of Liran's story, her escape from The Hell of Burning Tears. Google search the following:

sacrifices deviantart hbaf187


Toney B

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