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Planning holidays in North America...2016... (Read 300 times)
ente per ente
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Planning holidays in North America...2016...
Sep 27th, 2016, 8:36am
After being back from Scotland, I'm just planning my next vacation to North America to be held in October, as usual...eh,eh...we should be in Canada at first, going around across the very cold North until 10th, and then in U.S.A. , in Baltimore on 11th...:D

Anyway,just in case, some members of AnotheRealm other than Aphelion Forum ( or Aphelionites...eh,eh Cheesy ) or from Quantum Muse Magazine will be interested at a meeting/lunch/diner in Baltimore, and with many beers, and many discussions about Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror world, of course, on the date above indicated, just let me know,It would be really a pleasure to meet again some members of this Forum, indeed...eh,eh    :)

Please, if interested, just send me details about the exact times and locations you prefer only via PM, as you know it's a wild world out there ...eh,eh   Smiley  :)
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