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End of Days by Lawrence Pratt (Read 544 times)
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End of Days by Lawrence Pratt
Aug 05th, 2015, 12:10am
I'm not enough of a Schwartzenegger fan to have seen the film you reference, Gary.

So I enjoyed the story as a stand-alone, and IMO it does a terrific job. The writer evokes the response of a highly intelligent alien race to the seemingly-endless folly here on Earth. People wonder at times why we have not been visited by space aliens. In my opinion, a race smart enough to travel in space would have a good view of what goes on here from their vantage points in space -- and avoid the place like the plague.
Mr. Pratt has done a great job in showing just how human folly could resonate with the brighter races of outer space, and no one could say the "brighter races" came to the wrong decision.
My only caveat would be, the loudest representatives of humankind tend to be the most disgusting ones, while the quiet, humble ones living good lives do it quietly.
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Re: End of Days by Lawrence Pratt
Reply #1 - Aug 23rd, 2015, 6:24pm
I've often wondered the same thing. What on Earth could they possibly want from here. Literally, what?

Any technology that could make the trip wouldn't find anything here worth making the trip for.

Perhaps some professor types studying the backwards people at the edge of the galaxy. But other than that what would be the point of them making the effort?

Perhaps that is why they figure in science fiction so much, answering the why? Antiques?

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