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TWO MINUTE REVIEWS: A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks (Read 446 times)
Gary A. Markette
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I Love AR

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TWO MINUTE REVIEWS: A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks
Mar 13th, 2014, 9:36am
My reading relationship with Terry Brooks wavers. I like his "Word & Void" novels and dislike the Shannarah series (his most popular and best known work). When the "Word & Void" books became a prequel to the Shannarah tales, I was disappointed. I'd hoped for a separate "arc." (When did a series of books on a related subject become an "arc?" How did I miss that abomination?) His other series -- The Magic Kingdom of Landover stories--are now the only Brooks books I read and A Princess of Landover is the latest in that series. Enjoyable is the strongest praise I can give Princess. It doesn't approach the power and scope of the first 5 Landover novels, but it serves admirably as a start of a new "arc" (yiiiiccchhhh). This book (like Witches Brew, book 5 in the series) focuses on Mistaya--the daughter of the series' protagonist . Her adventures, relationships, and personality are interesting enough to keep the reader involved. The other characters--well known friends and fiends from the earlier Landover works--add their undeniable charm. By the time the rather weak plot ends and all's well, we look forward to the next installment in this delightful series. I just hope that this "arc" doesn't cross Shannarah's. That would make me "yarc."

Recommended; Rating: 3 smiles

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J. Davidson Hero
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Re: TWO MINUTE REVIEWS: A Princess of Landover by Terry Brooks
Reply #1 - Mar 13th, 2014, 11:36pm
Hi Gary,

I'm enjoying your "two minute reviews."  Very informative.  Keep them coming.

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