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A Song of Ice and Fire -- your opinions? (Read 441 times)
Gary A. Markette
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A Song of Ice and Fire -- your opinions?
Apr 11th, 2013, 1:15am
I'm on my second read-through of George R. R. Martin's massive epic. I enjoy the books; how about you?  Do you think Mr. Martin is "America's Tolkien"? Did you get to like a character only to have Martin kill him (or her) off? (I'll never forgive him for Eddard Stark.) Did you get to dislike a character only to have him (or her) do something heroic?(Jamie Lannister comes to mind.) Do you think the HBO series is true enough to the stories (the jury's still out for me). Lots to talk about here while we wait for book six (scheduled for some time next year). Your thoughts, 'realmers, please.
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ente per ente
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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire -- your opinions?
Reply #1 - Apr 11th, 2013, 9:37pm

For me, it's the same that it was Babylon 5 in the field of Sci-Fi TV series, that is exactly the Best so far in the field of Fantasy TV series...   Smiley

Maybe it's at times a bit too licentious in some shots, even in an unnecessary way, but maybe it's just the reason why male viewers like me appreciate it more...   Grin Cool

Well, I suppose that in the end of the books, we'll see Tyrion, Jon Snow and (beautiful!) Daenerys ( that maybe will become partners or lovers, who knows...with Tyrion as a wise advisor of the kingdom, or the Hand of the King again...and finally) will join forces to fight the Others in the north and then they'll rule the realms...or maybe not, who knows, but the way the author depicts those special characters just makes me think they'll have a peculiar treatment and a special place in the overall story, and those will be the real heroes to save that Fantasy world, maybe along with Arya and some other characters, of course... Cheesy,   from the creatures of the icy lands that came back again... Cheesy or, well, that is exactly the way I would complete the story if it were up to me ever... Wink Roll Eyes

By the way, the actress that plays the role of  (beautiful  :P ) Daenerys ( as I have seen on an interview inside the boxed set of the Second Season on dvd) looks really very different from the image her character shows off in the episodes...well, I don't think I would recognize her anywhere on any magazine or on TV if I hadn't seen her true face - without the make up for the series - in that interview added as a special feature to the last dvd anyway... :shock:

But Tolkien, in my opinion, is another thing, and on another level, of course, the same as it could be said for authors like Dan Simmons, Stephen King,  Iain M. Banks, A.E.  Van Vogt, Heinlein, E. Howard and a few more, of course...  ::) Smiley
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