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Winter Wonderland contest (Read 662 times)
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Winter Wonderland contest
Jan 22nd, 2012, 9:06am
If you haven't sent in your entry remember the 25th is the deadline.
We have some great stories so far!

So far we have a few entries:
"It is too Hot" by J Christopher Logan (c) 2012 (13)
Chiseled from the Cold By Matthew Fritz c 2012 (24)
"A Song for Miss Cline" by N.R. Allen c 2012 (66)
Best Served Cold by Jim Hawe c 2012 (42)
A Three Stone Recovery Program by Steve Hooley c 2012 (41)
WHITE-OUT By Vicki L. Martin c 2012 (35)
"Stuff" by Adrienne Ray c 2012 (29)
But there was light by Indrani Bhattacharyya c 2012 (158)
The Icy Cliffs of Dover… by Sergio “ente per ente” PALUMBO c 2012 (67)

(The numbers at the end is the number of page views.)

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