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If  you  like  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror  scale  models... (Read 687 times)
ente per ente
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If  you  like  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror  scale  models...
Nov 02nd, 2011, 10:55pm
If  you  like  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror  scale  models...you  can't miss  to have a look  at this gallery  posted  on an  Italian  Forum (Triplozero)  showing  many wonderful  images  from  the (really) big  Convention  held in Tuscany  Region  every  year  ( about   150,000   tickets  sold...) about  Comics, Manga/Anime , Models  and  Games, I  visited  with some friends of mine  and that  ended  just on 1st  November...    ::)


There  is  also some scale  models of mine  and  my  friends  among the many and many  entries...eh,eh  ;)
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