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Mysterious Jesse - by Michele Winkler (Read 400 times)
John Gilbert
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Mysterious Jesse - by Michele Winkler
Feb 01st, 2011, 5:21am
Hmm, I didn't get the resolution on this one at all.  Either this is a divine intervention story or it is a 'amazingly healing powers of believing' story.  If it is the first, I have to question why God would resort to such an inelegant form of divine intervention - reward a kid for lying and fix a situation in such a way that nobody seems to improve as a human being or learn any kind of lesson.  Or did I miss something?

If it is an 'amazing healing powers of the mind' story, I don't get the resolution either.  I still want somebody to get better as a human being!

The writing and dialog I thought was quite fresh and interesting - the characters do seem 'real' and quite human.  Just the story itself left me scatching my head.
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