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Fictioneers at Balticon (Read 360 times)
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Fictioneers at Balticon
Feb 01st, 2011, 4:35am
We're just at the planning stages of this, but, I'm seriously considering having the very first official meeting of The Fictioneers at Balticon (Memorial Day Weekend, Baltimore, MD, 2011). Whether it will be a small informal gathering in a lounge, or a larger one in a meeting room will depend on how many folks commit, early, to coming. So, if you are a member of The Fictioneers, or even just considering becoming one, and are within travel distance of Balticon, please give this some thought.

And let me know if you plan to attend!

Anotherealm is a Publication Anchor for The Fictioneers, and one of the many reasons our humble writers club is in existence today.

Praeclarus Intus Scriptum!

Michael    :)
e-mail: shadaa1@mac.com
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