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Christmas shopping -- make it easy! (Read 365 times)
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Christmas shopping -- make it easy!
Dec 05th, 2010, 7:15pm
Here's the way to make Christmas shopping easy, for all those hard-to-shop-for people on your list.

The word is "Anotherealm's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1." It offers 107 pulse-pounding pages torn from Anotherealm's earliest years -- those great golden oldies that you can't find any more...but we did! It starts with the very first story that ran in our beloved AR -- Timons Easaias "To Answer Your Question Dearest Nephew," a story that only gets better with time.

Then it progresses on with great tales from Pravin Jeyaraj, Allyson Cresswell, Frederick Rustam, Gene-Michael Higney and d.g.k. Goldberg.

You may know that two of our annual awards are called the Gene-Michael Higney Fantasy Award, and the d.g.k. goldberg Horror Award. Though these two wonderful writers have gone on to a bigger and better clubhouse, when you see their works you will know why we will never forget them.

Next are stories by our beloved editor, Gary Markette -- his _first_ story he ever wrote for Anotherealm, "The Dragon's Tooth." and the one and only story (that we know of) EVER written by our heroic Webbie, "The Best Little Bar Down Below." It's a classic, for sure.

There's even one by me, but I add it only because it won the d.g.k. goldberg award for horror, but it's truly comic horror, "Full Moon Over Greyhund."

Yes, you, too, can give this delightful gift to anyone on your list who likes sf/f/h, or reading in general! And if they don't, give it to them anyway -- they surely can't resist this gem.

The reason I'm beating the drum for this great book is, we hope to use the proceeds from its sale to fund our annual prizes this year.

So please go out to AR's opening screen and click on the place where you see this marvelous, glorious book displayed. You will see how to obtain copies for your very own, keeping or gifting.

And it's not real expensive, either!

Get out there and buy that book! (Please?)

-- Jean
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Re: Christmas shopping -- make it easy!
Reply #1 - Dec 7th, 2010, 8:17am
An excellent gift suggestion!
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