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Hey! I created a sculpture! (Read 947 times)
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Hey! I created a sculpture!
Aug 08th, 2010, 12:43pm
This has something to do with speculative fiction...in a way. I sculpted one of my characters.
Mugwort, the main character in American Fairy, has been immortalized in bronze.
My hours have been cut at work and I had a whole day with nothing to do. So I sculpted Mugwort. When I showed her to my boss he said, "YOU did that?"
Normally when someone says that to me it is usually followed by 'what on earth were you thinking?'
But this time he said it wasn't bad. So I put her through the process and now she fits in the palm of your hand and they let me put her in the gallery.
Maybe I shouldn't quit my day job but (Oh, wait! This IS my day job!) but at least it's another chance to make a buck while we wait for this recession to recover.
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I love AR

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Re: Hey! I created a sculpture!
Reply #1 - Aug 14th, 2010, 12:59am
Got any pics?
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