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Science Fiction as a tool for human survival (Read 319 times)
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Science Fiction as a tool for human survival
Jan 24th, 2010, 8:36am
"This article makes an interesting point about the necessity of science fiction or, more specifically, speculative fiction as a tool to aid in the long-term survival of the human species. 'We live in a world that is incredibly frightening for a growing portion of the population because of the exponential rate of change we are experiencing. Our world is changing so fast now that we often don't have time to contemplate the full ramifications that come with the increasingly rapid adoption of new technologies and social changes. Most often this is simply because these changes are being introduced almost one after another after another, without any time to breathe. Speculative fiction, however, if widely adopted, makes it almost instinctive that we think about these situations and possible outcomes before they even arise.'"

From /.
link to original article below.

I think this is an extension of the "Every thing is sci-fi" argument.
If so, it is a good example of why the world needs us! Smiley
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