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Gary A. Markette
YaBB Administrator

I Love AR

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Jan 18th, 2010, 7:35am
Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000? A guy and his buddy robots sat in front of a phony screen and made fun of really bad movies. I loved the show and thought it creative and entertaining. Lots more creative and entertaining than the woeful Daybreakers--an MST3K candidate if I ever viewed one.

It's too bad, really. Some things about this foul flick were actually interesting. The premise was novel; the cinematography and technical detail were first-rate. Wooden, one-dimensional performances by the main characters and numerous, ludicrous, "splatter-film" scenes wrecked this stinker early on for me, however. One notably gross sequence has a body explode--literally explode--dousing everyone in the room with gobs of bloody gore. Now, I'm sure that the last reaction the director expected when he cut that scene was laughter, but laugh I did. It was so over-the-top. It put me in mind of pie-fighting scenes in several Stooges shorts. The difference: the goo in the pie fighting scenes was white (and more believable).

Avoid this flick, my friends. At worst, wait to rent it. And say a prayer for Willam Defoe's career. It will need to be revenant after this turkey.
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