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Message started by ente per ente on Mar 18th, 2016, 3:17am

Title: Call for Steampunk(ish) Submissions...
Post by ente per ente on Mar 18th, 2016, 3:17am

Call for Steampunk(ish) Submissions...­

This may be of interest to you...­eh,eh :)

Just let me post, at last, this Call for Steampunk(ish) Submissions for an Anthology that will be published probably over the course of this year by British Publisher Rogue Planet Press, an Imprint of Horrified Press.

Main Editor: Michele "bottomdweller" DUTCHER; co-editor: Sergio "ente per ente¡" PALUMBO, under the supervision of  Gavin  Chappell.

Cover Art: Steampunk Molly by John "DavidsonHero"Rose ( Backcover Art : "Steampunk Spy") .

The interesting thing is that probably this is the first (ever) Anthology in English, by an English Publisher, edited also by an Italian ( of course, as co-editor with American authoress Michele DUTCHER), and this is something unprecedented, it never happened before, at least as far as I,eh...but it might not be the last one, maybe, who knows...


Those Steampunk inventions/finds that were supposed to make our alternate world better
Deadline: until full
Payment:Exposure and Royalties
Short stories up to 6,000 words; Longer stories will also be considered.
Reprints: just in some restricted, limited cases, as long as you hold the rights.

It would be really great to receive stories set in other countries or continents like, for example, Sweden, Russia, Africa, Australia, and many other foreign places, in a sort of alternate Steampunk(ish) 1800¡¯s. But there are no limitations to this Steampunk call, as alternate U.S.A. and Canada settings are just as perfect. The more exotic, the better...­

Just think of the outcome or the consequences of some steam-powered machinery that can turn gases into valuable gems; or is capable of ruling over your dreams by driving out the nightmares. Or maybe you could write about some new alternate find that can really change our world ¨C by transforming it into a fairy-tale, more than into a futuristic civilization. Some unknown stones whose hidden energy may finally be extracted in this universe, and may surpass any power supply previously coming from fossil fuels, despite it being only the source of some worse problems that will affect modern society much deeper. Perhaps new electricity-powered sex dolls appear at the end of the last decade of the 1800s and are endangering the existence of the previous expensive and widely spread steam-powered human-like sex dolls that some company already sold¡­ and so on... but I'm only giving you some hints¡­

Waiting for your best-ever-entries, of course, to be welcomed in this Anthology featuring fictitious Steampunk(ish) technology that was supposed to improve our alternate world during the 1800s. But did things really go that way¡...?

Submission guidelines: Please include your name, address, e-mail address, the title of your story and its word count in your covering e-mail. Please submit your manuscript as a *.rtf  or *.doc file (all other formats will automatically be rejected. Contact us prior

to submitting if this presents an issue for you.)

Font and formatting: Please submit in Times New Roman, 12 point font; single line spacing. Please format the document to 1st line indentation of 1". The page margin should be set to .1" on all sides.

No headers, footers or page numbers.

Please check grammar.

Upon acceptance into the Anthology, we ask that Horrified Press holds exclusive publishing rights for one year from the date of publication; after that date has passed, all intellectual property rights revert to the author with the proviso that Horrified Press retains distribution rights in the format of the contracted Anthology.

This title will be available as an e-book and trade quality paperback.

Michele "bottomdweller" DUTCHER, as main Editor, and Sergio "ente per ente" PALUMBO, as co-editor, will be presiding over this Anthology.

The title will be published by Rogue Planet Press, an Imprint of Horrified Press , under the supervision of  Gavin  Chappell.

Email your submission as an attachment to: associazione (AT)

The email subject line must read "SUBMISSION: STEAM-POWERED DREAM ENGINES"- "your story title" or your submission will not be considered for this Anthology.

Successful applicants will be notified before the deadline has expired, or as soon as possible.

Cover Art: Steampunk Molly by John "DavidsonHero" Rose ( Backcover Art :"Steampunk Spy") .

There may well be some beautiful Steampunk black and white illustrations lurking on the inside as well, art by Davide "Atog" MARESCOTTI and Sara DELLACASA.

Here is the link:

;) ;) ;)[img][/img]

Title: Re: Call for Steampunk(ish) Submissions...
Post by Webbie on Mar 23rd, 2016, 11:52pm

Sergio "ente per ente" PALUMBO, as co-editor,


Title: Re: Call for Steampunk(ish) Submissions...
Post by ente per ente on Dec 2nd, 2016, 3:44am

For anyone interested, here is the link to the Acceptance List for "Steam-powered Dream Engines" Anthology (so far...)


Vekaria Resort – Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

The Steam Cleansing Machine – E. W. Farnsworth

Enyo on Rails – E. W. Farnsworth R

Henry and Sophie – Flying in Time- Grant Eagar

The Engineer’s Watch – Justin Bienvenue

Return to Earth – Bruce H. Markuson

God is a Bullet – Scott Rinehart

Fruits of the Forest – John C Adams

Above the Mississippi – Teel James Glenn

The Cinderella Deception – I. Verse

The last of the mortals – Sergio Palumbo and Ernesto Canepa

A Voyage to Erythraea – John David Rose

Kami-Kira – Max True

Drop of Steel – R. Lipinski

Eternity Engine –  Thomas Malafarina

Voices in the Dark – Michele Dutcher

Just the Mechanic – Timothy O. Goyette

The Dark Side of Diablo Canyon – Dan Hollifield

There are two stories still to be inserted here, and there is  also room for 4-5 entries more, for all the authors who want to have a try...

Come on, that's Steampunk(ish), that's Fantastic(ish),eh  ;D :) :)

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