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Message started by Webbie on Oct 7th, 2014, 8:12pm

Title: The Attic
Post by Webbie on Oct 7th, 2014, 8:12pm

Things that go "Bump" in the night to a new level!

Scary little critters.

Title: Re: The Attic
Post by Adrienne_Ray on Oct 22nd, 2014, 9:18pm

Odd as this may sound, this was inspired by real events. One Sunday morning several years ago, I awoke to some very bizarre sounds that seemed to be coming from my daughter's bedroom. I've read many reports of hauntings that started like this and I was a little freaked out.
I was very relieved to find my daughter peacefully sleeping. The noises persisted.
We went to church and when we got back home we went up into the attic to see what we could see. We didn't find anything.
The noises sounded like something running up and down the attic floor and animal squealing. Once it sounded like something rather large-um- shall I say, relieving themselves? I expected to find a large puddle of -well-you know. But I found nothing.
We decided it was racoons but we never found any signs of life, only noises. Someone told me to put moth balls up in the attic. I did and the noise went away but then I heard moth balls could be cancer causing.
So I stopped doing that and lived with the noise.
Then my neighbor started a garden. The noises stopped for good. My theory is my neighbor may have put poison down to stop something that was getting in his garden. So I think whatever was living in my attic was robbing my neighbor's garden.
At least...I hope that was what it was.  

Title: Re: The Attic
Post by Webbie on Nov 1st, 2014, 9:03am

Or...  It could have been...
Amazing what imagination can come up with.

The scariest stuff is the unknown.

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