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Message started by Gary A. Markette on Mar 24th, 2014, 11:03am

Post by Gary A. Markette on Mar 24th, 2014, 11:03am

I needed to pass some time this weekend so I decided to rent this DVD. I missed the movie when it played the theatres and I'm a fan of Tom Hiddleston as Loki, so I was eager to watch the flick. My reaction: ehhh.

Its CG was, terrific (so what else is new?). Its story was comic-booky (or graphic novel-ly) and its acting was . . . adequate -- even, unfortunately, Hiddleston's. (I think that might be because he had far less to do in this than he did in The Avengers movie. Too bad. He's a much better actor than he was able to show here.)

Other cast members were, again, adequate. Beefcakey Chris Hemsworth (Thor) displayed his range of emotions (I'm guessing, 3 or maybe 4) as well as his physique. He read his lines in all the right places and generally performed acceptably. Natalie Portman was her usual lovely self and--surprisingly--kept her clothes on (as did all the women in this pic--refreshing). Heimdahl, Odin, Sif, Malekith, others, neither distinguished nor disgraced themselves.

All told, not bad; not great; mildly disappointing. I watched the Avengers several times and will probably watch it again. I doubt I'll bother with this one.

Somewhat recommended: 2 smiles  


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