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Message started by Gary A. Markette on May 21st, 2013, 1:17am

Title: Who dies next in Game of Thrones?
Post by Gary A. Markette on May 21st, 2013, 1:17am

George Martin's epic novel is unique in many ways. One notable aspect: he seems to like killing off major characters. Eddard Stark, Rob Stark, Jon Snow (maybe), and several other important folk have bit the dust. Now that his sixth book is approaching completion (hopefully), who dies next? I've constructed a sort of "Death Pool" of some of the most likely candidates. Which one do you think is next to meet his/her maker?

Cersei Lannister: Just done with her "walk of shame," this lioness is still surrounded by people who hate her. Danger Index: Yellow.

Jaime Lannister: Away from his sister, paramour, and queen (same person), he's commanding a contingent of the King's Guard but under no direct threat. Danger Index: Yellow.

Sansa Stark: "Safe" with Littlefinger, she seems to be out of any real danger. Martin likes killing Starks, though. Danger Index: Yellow.

Arya Stark: In the House of Black and White, she's learning to be an assassin -- better than a cheerleader, I guess. Danger Index: Red.

Danerys Targerian: Walking back from her dragon ride. Danger Index: Orange.

Tyrion Lannister: My favorite charcater. That makes his Danger Index Red all by itself. (Eddard Stark was ny first favorite; Rob Stark my favorite after Eddard lost his head; Jon Snow my favorite until his brothers stabbed him; see what I mean?)

Jon Snow: If he's not dead yet, he might soon be (see jmy explanation for Tyrion). Danger Index: Red.

Thomen Lannister: King on the Iron Throne: that makes his death likely. Danger Index: Red.

Stannis Baratheon: Leading a snow-bound army against a foe who knows he's coming, Also, not a likable sort. Danger Index: Red.

Others? Let me know. Maybe we'll come up with a pruze for the right choice.

Title: Re: Who dies next in Game of Thrones?
Post by ente per ente on May 21st, 2013, 9:02pm

As I told elsewhere, I keep thinking that in the end of the books, we'll see Tyrion, Jon Snow and (beautiful!) Daenerys ( that maybe will become partners or lovers, who knows...with Tyrion as a wise advisor of the kingdom, or the Hand of the King again...and finally) will join forces to fight the Others in the north and then they'll rule the realms... 8-) :)

I mean, it's obvious the passion and the interest the writer has for those three characters, most of all, well, maybe he makes them suffer or have a very bad time over the course of the events, but they are his preferred heroes, along with Arya, clearly, in my opinion... :)

We'll see as soon as the last book will be written down by the, there's still enough time to imagine how things will really go on, of course... ;) :)

Title: Re: Who dies next in Game of Thrones?
Post by Gary A. Markette on May 23rd, 2013, 12:57am

Thanks ente but that begs the question: Who dies next? I thought that Eddard Stark was eventually going to become King of the Seven Kingdoms. Wrong! Then I figured Rob Stark would avenge his father and rule. Wrong again! So, now I ask: who dies next? Might not be a major character--maybe a secondary one: Samwell Tarley, Theon Greyjoy, Sir Barriston, any of several others.

By the way, two corrections to my earlier posting.

Thomen Lannister should read "Thomen Baratheon" -- at least, from a legal standpoint. He's supposed to be Robert's kid (even though he's really Jamie's).

Stanis Baratheon may already be dead--according to a raven from Roose Bolton to Jon Snow--Of course, Jon might also be dead. Guess we'll have to wait to see, but it's fun to speculate.

Title: Re: Who dies next in Game of Thrones?
Post by ente per ente on May 23rd, 2013, 9:44pm

Who dies next?

The questione remains,'s difficult to be in such an author's mind, it is likely he will write down the death of some really unexpected character next, as he is used to do to surprise all...

About Jon, well, I believe he is not dead, it's not what the writer would wish...but he showed his stabbing just for a bit of ongoing, interesting suspense, as it was going to become too obvious to everyone that he was one of the 'good guys' he always saves and prefers, anyway... 8-) :)

About Stannis, actually he is not exactly a good guy, well, he is an useful idiot, clearly, and I mean both for the plot and for some battles, but I think that the writer will make him pay sooner or later ( or maybe he had already done so... ;D ;D) because of all the bloody actions he has perpetrated or the evil sorcery he has made use of or has taken advantage from in a way... ;)

About Theon Greyjoy, uhm, he is not one of the good guys, too, even though he is following a sort of path of redemption at present..but, if I just were Martin, well, I'd make him die maybe over the course of a battle to defend some innocents, that would be a way to make he regain part of his lost honor...but, as he had two innocent children killed by his men ( instead of Bran and his younger brother...) there can't be no  real forgiveness for him...   ;)

Samwell Tarley?   ::)   Well, it could be, but I think that he can play an important role in the world that will come after the defeat of the Others ( maybe a s a sort of literate, a Maester, a duke of some small duchy or something like that..)by means of all the united armies of the kingdoms, along with the new/old weapons rediscovered and the dragons led by Daenerys of course ( with some wise suggestions coming from Tyrion, well, in my opinion...)

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