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Message started by ente per ente on Mar 2nd, 2012, 3:41am

Title: Some  new  works of mine...
Post by ente per ente on Mar 2nd, 2012, 3:41am

Here  are  the  links  to  a few  short- stories  I  wrote  in the last  weeks in American/English, as  follows, if  anyone  is  interested  and  want to have  a  look,eh:

-Sci-Fi- "Rites  of war..." on   Digital Dragon Magazine.

-Sci-Fi- "The future is  unknown..."    on  Farther Stars Than These  :

-Sci-Fi- Flash  Fiction  "The  consequences  of  Space Travel"  inserted  in   Best Flash Challenge Stories of 2011, on Aphelion.  

-Sci- Fi - "Bloody  Red  Outback..." on    Orion's Child Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine.

-Sci- Fi - "Forbidden  Archaeology…"    set  in   Mare  Inebrium series  created by  Dan Hollifield, on Aphelion.

-Sci- Fi - "On  both  sides of  reality..."    on Aphelion.

:) :)

And many thanks to  very  kind  American Michele DUTCHER who edited all  the  texts, too, of course!!!


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