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Message started by MikeH on Dec 12th, 2009, 5:50am

Title: Fictioneers
Post by MikeH on Dec 12th, 2009, 5:50am

I'm sitting in front of ten finished Fictioneers Badges and boy oh boy do they look nice. 1,500 beads per badge. Hand-crafted on a traditional loom. Triple Nymo stitched on black leather, with a solid steel belt clip on the back. Individually crafted and individually numbered.

I will be interested in folk's reactions when they see them.

The badges are NOT mass-produced items reflecting "machined perfection" of an industrial nature. They are not stamped out "en mass" like a traditional Police Officer's Badge.

Each Fictioneers Beaded Badge might be more accurately described as a work of "Modern Folk Art."

Thus, their production is limited in number to the specific number of Fictioneers that become "Full Members."

Reflecting the traditional "Beading Esthetic," each one of these neat Fictioneers Badges represents HOURS of focussed and concentrated attention to detail and handiwork.

These Badges cannot be ordered anywhere. They cannot be purchased. There is ONLY one way to acquire have to be a member of The Fictioneers who has published FIVE or more short stories at one or any combination of the Fictioneers official Publication Anchors.

Do you have what it takes? Do you want to become part of that inner circle that can proudly display their official Fictioneers Badge in public? Then get cracking and write and submit short stories to the Publication Anchors!

Praeclarus Intus Scriptum!


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